The mission of Pain Management Center of Naples, PA is to provide compassionate and effective care to all of our patients. Our goals are to decrease the frequency and severity of pain, decrease dependence on narcotics, and increase the degree of activity, and improve their quality of life.

At the Pain Management Center of Naples, you will receive a medical evaluation by a Board Certified Physician focused on determining the cause of your pain. If needed, additional diagnostic testing may be obtained. A treatment plan will be outlined and recommendations made to get you on the path to recovery. Frequently patients improve significantly with a few simple procedures but for patients with more complicated pain problems, we will work with you to establish an effective multi-disciplinary treatment plan that will address your individual needs. Your personal treatment plan may involve medical management, physical therapy and minimally invasive pain control therapies. Minimally invasive techniques can give you effective pain relief so you can avoid major surgery.

Use as little medication as possible…

Expecting medications alone to solve all chronic pain problems is unrealistic. In the course of treatment, short term narcotic therapy may be necessary and will be monitored and optimized as treatment progresses. Fortunately there are many medications available that have proven effective in pain management that are not habit forming.

Keep fit…

Regular physical exercise can help avoid injury and contribute to your physical and mental well being.
Therapy and home exercise may be recommended as part of a pain control and pain prevention program. A good diet, regular exercise, avoidance of tobacco and normalization of poor sleep patterns will help reduce stress and decrease pain symptoms.

Stay active…

It is important to maintain activity, although you may need to avoid some activities or work around your pain. Focus on what you can achieve. Set realistic goals and follow your personal treatment plan.